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Anxiety Treatment for Teens in Huntington, NY


You’re so sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed by everything in your life. You’re constantly questioning if your friends even like you, and you feel sick to your stomach just speaking up in class. Sometimes you worry, “Will I even be able to go away to college in the upcoming years if I can’t even participate in class?” Your parents are constantly telling you to go out and socialize, but they don’t know your struggle. You’re always questioning your choices, wondering if you’ll say the right thing, so you decide not to say anything at all. If you could only stop listening to the stupid thoughts in your head! If you could stop being so afraid, everything would be so different!

Anxiety doesn’t have to rule you…


The truth is you are capable of change! Imagine feeling that you are now in control and that anxiety doesn’t rule your every thought. You feel safe talking to other kids in class without wondering if you’ll say something dumb, because you have a lot to offer and you have so many awesome things to say. You are doing so well in school and soon you’ll start looking at colleges. You remember when you were fearful about going away, but now you feel confident that you’ll make new friends and it’ll be kind of amazing living on your own. You love this more relaxed version of yourself.   

With a little help…


You’ll learn more about who you are, your fears, and how to deal with them when they show up. Everyone has worries, but when they stop you from achieving your goals, that’s when you know you have a problem. I know sometimes it’s hard to say, “I’m struggling,” but just hear me out, you’re not alone in this. You’ll discover so much about yourself and soon enough you’ll feel like you can literally do anything… that includes going to college if that’s what you choose.

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Anxiety Therapy, Huntington, NY 11743


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