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Child Therapy

Therapy for Kids in
Huntington, NY (Ages 7-12)

Does it feel like your child is constantly worried about EVERYTHING? They continuously ask you questions to gain reassurance. Sometimes, they’ll avoid things because they’re too scary or display various behaviors, from intense fear to outright anger. They may seem like they are little perfectionists or will leave assignments to the last minute! You don’t know how to help them, and you feel frustrated, scared, and confused. 



Imagine the meltdowns subside. You know what to say to your child, and you feel a sense of relief. They are playing with friends, doing better in school, and there’s a sense of calm in your household. Your home feels different, and you’re not constantly worried about the “unexpected” things that might set him off. Your child is more confident is situations. 


I’m a big believer in Knowledge is Power.  I will be helping YOU and your child understand the ins and outs of anxiety, so it’ll stop taking over your lives! Using education, changing of thoughts, and understanding of emotions, I will help you and your child feel a sense of relief from their constant battle with anxiety. I like to say, “we’ll shrink your worry!” You can expect you and your child to learn:


  • An emotional vocabulary

  • What your brain and body does when anxiety shows up

  • How to talk back to your anxiety, so it doesn’t take over

  • How to try new things, even when anxiety shows up


I used a team approach, so parents will learn as much as their child. Parents will know how to engage with their child when their anxiety shows up as well, so you’ll have the tools necessary when things don’t go as planned. 















If you think that you are ready to speak to me, you can set up a free 20-minute phone call to find out if I’m the right therapist for your child. 

It's much more than coping...

How will we get there?

Anxiety is so much more than finding ways to cope. It’s about learning about it, so you can manage your worry.

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Most Asked Questions Regarding Child Therapy

What can you expect from the first two appointment? 

The first appointment will be parents only. It will be around 60 minutes to 90 minutes. At this point, I will have already read through all the paperwork you submitted as well as any other evaluations and or IEP or 504 Plan. During our session, I will ask you a variety of questions and come up with a game plan on how to help your child. Usually depending on the situation, I will give you some tips and information regarding your child’s anxiety even during our first session. 


The following session, I encourage parents to participate. This is especially helpful if the child is anxious. The first session is just about getting to know you and your child and how you all interact. We will do some fun activities or drawings. I like to keep it fun and light during our first session to build a trusting therapeutic relationship. If your child has a special toy or something they would like to share, I am okay with that! We will start talking a little bit about thoughts and emotions during our first session. 

What does homework look like?


Yes, there's homework! I mean, you wouldn't take a child to learn an instrument without practicing in between right? I usually like to call the homework “exercises” so I don’t lose the children I’m working with. Exercises will depend on the child, but many exercises will focus on emotions, problem solving, flexibility, and learning more about our worry as well as talking back to our worry so that it doesn't take control of our life.


Do you work with individuals with Autism and ADHD?


I do! I have been working with children, teens, and young adult with social and emotional difficulties for close to 10 years. You can check out my Autism Services for more information on how treatment may differ. 


Do you have any other question I haven’t answer? Send me a message today!

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