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College Transitioning for your Neurodiverse Teen

Long Island, NY


Your teenager keeps telling you that she wants to  go to college. You know you can't stop her, but you feel scared about the world out there. You feel that because of her Neurodiversity she won't be able to make it. You do a lot for her; you speak to her teachers, you help her with keeping organized, you keep a calendar for her. You can't imagine how she'll even make it when she can't handle high school. 

It's Time to Let Go


She is more than capable. Whether it's anxiety, depression, or a Neurodiversity, she's doing well. She advocates for herself, she's making friends, and keeping on top of her school work. You know that she'll do well in college because she has all the tools she needs to succeed! You feel so relieved that she's on the right track and that you don't have to worry as much. 

How We Will Get There


It's a lot of work, but I know she can do it. We will work together to help with finding the right college for her. Then we will work on the skills she needs to succeed. A lot of individuals with neurodiversities have difficulties with some of the skills that are necessary for college, along with anxiety regarding big changes can sometimes become chaotic. Here are some skills that your teen might get from therapy:

  • Speaking up when she needs help

  • Dealing with anxiety

  • Dealing with big emotions

  • Making and keeping friends

  • Creating a routine and a schedule

  • Communicating effectively with others

  • So much more!

To find out if I'm the best therapist for your teen or young adult, set up a FREE 20-minute phone consult!



These services are for teenagers in high school or for individuals who have already transitioned into college, but are having difficulties. 

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Monica Wells, LMHC, Huntington, NY 11743


Monica Wells, LMHC, Huntington, NY 11743

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