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Transitioning Into College (Long Island, NY)


You don't know what to do, because everyone around seems to have it all together. You're constantly thinking how are you going to accomplish being in college, when high school was torture. You're feeling overwhelmed, you lack confidence, and you have a hard time speaking up during class. You wish someone would just guide you, so that you didn't feel so lost. Next year is right around the corner and you feel more lost than ever. Your parents, teachers, and guidance counselors are concerned. You feel flustered and alone. 

Taking That Step


You've learned how to cope with the pesky anxiety that was getting in the way of your life. You feel confident and lighter about approaching your teachers regarding school assignments you might be having trouble with. You feel like you can go to college and may not even need your parents full support. You've learned how to make friends, speak up, and other skills that you didn't have before. You're so excited about what life has in store for you!


You Are Capable


Yes, change is hard! Whether you are planning on going away to college, or staying home, the transition can be a difficult one for you and your family. The good news is that with some help, you’ll be able to learn different coping strategies and techniques that can make life easier for you. We’ll problem solve AND figure out what thoughts are getting in the way of your success. You'll also learn the skills you need to succeed including:

Speaking up when you need to

Dealing with your anxious brain

Coping strategies that will help

Making and keeping friends

Speaking with your teachers

Making a schedule that suits you

Communicating effectively with others

So much more!


If you’d like to chat and see if I’m the right therapist for you set up a FREE 20-minute phone consultation.


These services are for teens who are planning on attending college or individuals that are already in college that may be struggling.


Since I know that your schedule can get crazy in college, I offer web-based counseling.

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Autism College, Long Island, NY


Autism College, Long Island, NY


Autism College, Long Island, NY

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