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Treatment for Individuals with High Functioning Autism (Huntington, NY)


Being on the spectrum can be difficult a lot of the time. You have difficulties with social interactions, emotions, and anxiety. You feel like no one understands you and that they never will. Social gathering or interactions might be incredibly difficult because you just don't know what to say. 


Maybe you feel like it's easier to be on your own, because it can be incredibly uncomfortable to be around others. They may not understand you and you may not understand them! You sometimes make mistakes about people’s intentions and other times you just blank our and don't know what to say. 

"Why is this so difficult?" you think to yourself. 

You can live your life the way you want…


Yes, being on the spectrum means that your brain works a little bit different, and yes, it can feel overwhelming sometimes. But imagine having better coping strategies. Imagine learning the skills you need to socialize with others and feeling like you have so much to offer (because you do!). You feel more confident in social situations, you know how to cope when something unexpected happens. You've learned to be more flexible and you feel so proud of yourself. 

How to get there...


With some hard work, and guidance you’ll be able to get there. Just know you’re not in this alone and that learning new skills is not going to change your personality… it’ll just change the way you do things to help you start feeling more comfortable in a variety of situations. During therapy you can expect to learn:

  • How to cope uncertainty

  • How to make friends and keep them

  • How to engage others in conversations

  • How to advocate for yourself

  • How to live a life that is true to you

Meeting a therapist for the first time can be somewhat scary, but I want you to know that you're not alone. I have helped many individuals like you get to a place where they feel more comfortable and more engaged with others. I know change is hard, but I know that you are capable! 

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