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Rates & Insurance

You Are Worth the Investment

I know! It’s so hard to spend your hard earned money on yourself. But therapy is an investment for your mental wellbeing and overall health. In therapy you will discover yourself and build skills that will help you out in the real world, making you feel happier, more confident, and excited about life. You'll discover things you never thought you were capable of before. You're worth it! 



I Go the Extra Mile

Again, let’s talk about investing in yourself; I will make it easy and convenient for you to get to where you want to be! These are the extra services I can provide:

Easy Access to Teletherapy 

Coordination of Care with Other Providers

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Personalized Client Portal

Secure Messaging

Biller Who Can Get You Reimbursement




Initial Session

(60-75 Minutes)


The initial session will focus on getting to know you and developing a plan for therapy. Before your first appointment, I will review all of the paperwork you have completed, including any assessments or testing. During your appointment I will ask you a variety of questions, including history, symptoms, and why you are seeking therapy. This will help us create goals to get the most out your therapy.

Note: I usually ask the parents or legal guardians of teenagers to be involved during the initial session to discuss the limits of psychotherapy and to provide any background information that might be important in helping your teen succeed in therapy.


Individual Session 

(45-60 Minutes)


During your time in therapy we will focus on your goals and how to attain them. I may also provide you wit

home activities to help you during the week.


Cancelation Policy

If you are unable to make your appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance. If an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advanced, you will be charged for the full session fee.





Out-of-Network Coverage


At this time I am an out-of-network provider. Call me for a quick walk through of how I can help you use this coverage. The process is pretty easy and most of the time all you will have to pay for is your deductible and your co-pay.

Why Some People Don't Want to Go Through Insurance


The reason why some choose to pay out of pocket is very personal. Sometimes individuals feel like they don't want a diagnosis or record for a third party. This is a personal decision and it will be completely up to you. ​


Acceptable Forms of Payment




Master Card



American Express

Flex Pay

Teletherapy for anxiety, Huntington, NY 11743
Teletherapy for anxiety, Huntington, NY 11743

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Anxiety Therapist, Huntington, NY 11743

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Teletherapy for anxiety, Huntington, NY 11743


Teletherapy for anxiety, Huntington, NY 11743

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