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Psychotherapy Groups

Social Anxiety Group for Teen Girls  
in Huntington, NY

Teen Girls Empowerment Group


You’re a teen girl, and you struggle with social interactions. You have your thoughts and ideas, and sometimes you feel like you don’t quite fit in. Maybe you feel like you can’t share information or that if you share, others will criticize you. Maybe you can make friends, but keeping those friends is a different story. You wonder, “what is wrong with me? Why can’t I do this whole ‘social thing?’”


So, your self-esteem suffers. You think something is wrong with you, but there most definitely is not. You just need some rules and a path to get to where you want to be. You need to find your peeps, find out what to do in these situtations, and discover what you can do once you have put it all together.


Imagine feeling more confident. You can participate in things you never thought you could have, and it feels fantastic. You’re ready to practice your learned skills and move out of your comfort zone! 


Want to discover your superpower and your magic? I have helped many teens like you take steps they NEVER thought were possible. What you’ll need? 


  • An “I am ready to change” attitude

  • Be open to learning


What are some of the things you’ll find in this group? 


  • Your amazing superpower

  • Self-Esteem Building!

  • Friendships and Rules! 

  • Engaging with others!

  • Perspective Taking!

  • Making friends and keeping them!


So, are you ready? If you are, visit my website and make a 20-minute appointment (it’s free!). The group is small (6-8 participants), and it is based on skills building using a variety of methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy. The teens that benefit most from this group have been in individual treatment for at least 2 months before joining the group and MUST be open to being in the group. To set up an appointment click below!

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