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For Parents

Anxiety Treatment for Teens in

Huntington, NY


You see your teen isolating herself from the world. Perhaps she has stopped trying to make friends and you see her spending more time alone in her bedroom. She barely participates in school because she’s constantly worried about what others are thinking about her. You’re always arguing because you want her to feel better, but you just don’t know what to say to her anymore.


She’s smart, you see her potential, but her anxiety is continuously getting in the way of her greatness. She can be explosive or start crying at the drop of a hat because she feels she can’t handle her emotions. Your biggest fear is that if this keeps up, she’ll never go to college, that she’ll never make friends, or that she’ll be stuck in your house through young adulthood. Perhaps she’ll outgrow this, but what if she doesn’t?

It’s JUST anxiety… 


Imagine your teen beginning to push through her fears like she’s the boss of her destiny. You see her making friends and see a smile on her face more often these days. She’s become engaged in school and you no longer worry about her not being able to handle her emotions. Your disagreements resemble a conversation and not explosive arguments. You see her expanding her group of friends and participating in activities that she refused to participate in before.

As a parent you feel relieved, calm, and confident that she will continue cruising through her teen year and adulthood knowing how to deal with life.

How do we get there?


Together we will come up with a game plan that’ll help your teen come out of her shell. We’ll learn what thoughts are making her stuck and how to get around them so that she no longer feels like anything is stopping her from greatness. She’ll learn that she’s not alone in the process and that with a little help; she’ll be able to identify her triggers and emotions, and be ready to face those pesky anxious thoughts.  


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Monica Wells Counseling, Huntington, NY 11743

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Monica Wells Counseling, Huntington, NY 11743


Monica Wells Counseling, Huntington, NY 11743

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